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Alternative Restorations is a Canadian Aviation Regulation Approved Maintenance Organization

Quality Aircraft Repairs & Restorations

Alternative Restorations has been in business for over 15 years providing specialized composite repairs, for a vast array of applications. As a diverse and experienced company we not only specialize in interior panel aircraft repairs we also, design, fabricate and refurbish aircraft interiors - which continue to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, detail and price. We achieve the highest quality aircraft repairs through application of a heat activated resin process and heat activated multilayer polymer finishes for interiors. Using these specific processes helps us to create optimum adhesion, light weight repairs and surface stabilization reducing cycle fatigue, while ensuring the repair is durable, undetectable and long-lasting.

Alternative Restoration uses resilient FR surface coatings, when required, for our aircraft repairs. These specialized coatings provide long lasting durability which have proven to outperform other high quality paint finishes available on the market.  By applying our surface coatings our customers find their repair finish exceeds normal wear & tear as compared to plastic and foil formats. And, for those customers not requiring the durability of advanced coatings we offer proven paint finishes with over 700 colors to choose from, which can be tinted and surfaced grained.

When it comes to aircraft repairs Alternative Restorations offers excellent solutions for all of your repair needs!  Why buy new when you have an Alternative?

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